Versatile and clever.

Versatile and clever.

The new DULCO flex Control peristaltic metering pump

The new DULCO flex Control combines the best of two worlds in a single pump: Valve-free metering with the intelligence and precision of the ProMinent diaphragm metering pumps – and with all the benefits of an advanced peristaltic pump. The new DULCO flex Control is predestined  for the metering of gaseous, viscous, abrasive and shear-sensitive media in drinking and waste water treatment, paper industry and food production.

Why DULCO flex Control

The new DULCO flex Control is characterized by precise metering as well as high durability and a particularly easy tube exchange. As part of our range of DULCOnneX solutions for digital fluid management, our new peristaltic metering pump also includes integrated interfaces for the connection to process control systems. Thus, the new DULCO flex Control enables the simple monitoring, analysis and optimizing of metering processes.

Five good reasons to use ProMinent’s new DULCO flex Control.

Metering with a high level of precision and comfort.

The new DULCO flex Control includes intelligent control electronics, thereby guaran-teeing highly precise, linear and repeatable metering under any process conditions. Moreover, the future-oriented ProMinent user interface with click wheel, 4 additional operating keys and a large LC display allows for intuitive operation.

Profit from a particularly safe construction.

In the new DULCO flex Control the control and electronics are located in the front, with the dosing head and the tube in contact with the media in the rear. This clear separation of electronics and pump mechanics protects the pump against aggressive media, especially during the tube exchange or in case of a tube rupture.

Simple, fast and cost-effective tube exchange.

The new DULCO flex Control’s patented dosing head allows for an uncomplicated, fast and safe tube exchange without using any tools. The display guides you through each step in the process, thereby preventing operating errors. Since a service only requires an exchange of the tube, this also avoids unnecessary costs.

Smart – and thus more efficient – control of your metering system.

The new DULCO flex Control is ready for Industrie 4.0. As a smart product, it can  be connected within a few minutes to ProMinent’s web-based fluid management platform DULCOnneX. This innovative, cloud-based solution allows you to monitor your metering processes in real time, avoid out-times and generate fully automated reports.

Profit from the new DULCO flex Control’s versatility.

Drinking and waste water treatment, paper industry or food sector: The new  DULCO flex Control is optimally suited for all industrial applications – whether as a stand-alone metering pump or integrated into an overall system.

Smart in front. Strong in back.

The new DULCO flex Control.

Patented tube exchange process

The tube exchange is assisted by the display and the electronics, which makes it fast and safe. In addition, no tools are required for the exchange. FDA-compliant TPE tube with excellent chemical resistance and long service life.

Robust, precise motor drive

Brushless direct current motor for precise metering of heavily gaseous, highly viscous, abrasive, shear-sensitive or chemically aggressive fluids. Continuous metering from 10 ml/h (0,00264 gal/h) to 30 l/h (7,93 gal/h), back pressure up to 7 bar (101,5 PSI).

Three freely configurable inputs and outputs

The DULCO flex Control has  three freely configurable inputs  and outputs. At the user’s discretion, error messages or warnings can be issued via the left port, and/or external devices can be switched by means of a stored timer program.

Highly visible status LEDs

The three-stage LED status display for operating, warning and error messages, visible from all sides, ensures increased operational safety.

High-resolution LC display

The 3” LC display clearly shows important parameters such as the flow volume. In addition, during a tube exchange it offers step-by-step instructions for all necessary steps and displays the order details for the replacement tube.

Simple operation via click wheel

The intuitive operating concept with click wheel, in combination with the large LC display and four additional keys, enables the simple controlling and programming of the new  DULCO flex Control.

DULCOnneX - Extended Connectivity

Optionally available: Integrated  interfaces such as PROFIBUS®,  Profinet and CAN-Bus enable the connection to process control  systems – up to the digital fluid  management via DULCOnneX.

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Peristaltic pump or diaphragm metering pump?

Peristaltic pump or diaphragm metering pump?

Peristaltic pump or diaphragm metering pump? Each system is ideally suited for  different applications. With its new peristaltic metering pump, ProMinent now supplemented its product range with an intelligent peristaltic pump in addition to the long-established, intelligent diaphragm metering pumps. Therefore, we are able to offer you independent and unbiased advice. As the innovative leader in the field of fluid media metering, we are sure to find the optimally suited solution for your system.

The gamma/ X family: intelligent solenoid diaphragm metering pumps

The gamma/ X family: intelligent solenoid diaphragm metering pumps

The gamma/ XL extends the performance spectrum of ProMinent’s intelligent solenoid metering pump series gamma/ X. The gamma/ XL is as smart, easy to use and has the same long service life as its smaller sister model. With a higher capacity range of 8 to 80 l/h at 25 to 2 bar, the gamma/ XL increases the versatility of the gamma/ X product range and opens numerous new fields of application.

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The Sigma X family: intelligent motor-driven diaphragm

The Sigma X family: intelligent motor-driven diaphragm

ProMinent’s new Sigma X range provides smart and flexible motor-driven metering pumps that set new benchmarks in terms of operating convenience, reliability and safety. Representing the systematic evolution of our Sigma product range, which has proved itself a million times over, the new Sigma X combines its durability and process reliability with an innovative and uniform  operating concept coupled with comprehensive connectivity.

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hose replacement

hose replacement

The dosing head is developed and patented by ProMinent makes quick and straightforward hose replacement possible with a unique exchange technique. The display provides the fitter with precise instructions about the steps to be completed when replacing the hose. The high-performance hoses used guarantee exceptional chemical resistance and a long service life.

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