DULCOnneX Extended Connectivity

DULCOnneX Extended Connectivity

The intelligent digital fluid management solution.

The amount of data, generated by sensors and pumps, will increase significantly in the future. A wide range of information needs to be recorded, provided and efficiently used in process control. Therefore, you need data-based operating models, which require a high degree of mobility and transparency.

DULCOnneX is a complete solution that allows you to gather the relevant data and make it available where it is needed. Internal data is linked with external data and used to optimise operational and operating processes.

Users benefit from direct access to all information about installed devices and systems. Calibration data, parametersets
or error messages create a comprehensive overview.

The major benefits at a glance:DULCONNEX - Extended Connectivity

  • Increased process reliability through transparency of all relevant data
  • Real-time monitoring of processes independent of time and location
  • Backup of all operating data
  • Avoidance of downtimes through e-mail alarms
  • Trend monitoring allows predictive maintenance
  • Providing evidence regarding proper operation
  • Data acquisition and report generation

Product & Functions

DULCOnneX platform

DULCOnneX platform

Added value through multiple functions

The DULCOnneX platform allows the efficient and fault-free system operation. The operator can access
web-based from anywhere in the world.

User devices can be fully integrated, both local and remote. Users benefit from direct access to all information about installed devices and systems. Calibration data, parametersets or error messages create a comprehensive overview. Process conditions such as operating time, dosed volumes or pressure conditions can be called up to the current status or retrospectively.

Values, reporting and alerts

Values, reporting and alerts

With the help of adjustable limit and alarm values it is possible to ensure smooth plant operation. In the current example as soon as a low level is reached, the system ensures in good time that replenishment. This means that chemicals can be delivered and stocked just in time. Costly downtime due to missed refilling are avoided.
At the same time, the user can automatically generate reports, easily create documentations and comfortably
meet official requirements. Required reports can be sent directly to the relevant authorities without major effort.

Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X

Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X

The gamma/ X is the first metering pump with predictive intelligence. Thanks to its controlled solenoid drive with sensor-free pressure measurement, it detects hydraulic faults even in the case of minimal deviations – immediately and optimally matching its output to the pressure conditions and properties of the medium.

As a DULCOnneX product gamma/ X has a range of features that are designed to allow digital fluid management.
They minimize chemical consumption, ensure safe operation and avoid unnecessary downtimes.

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Motor-driven metering pump Sigma X (control type)

Motor-driven metering pump Sigma X (control type)

ProMinent’s new Sigma X range provides smart and flexible motor-driven metering pumps that set new benchmarks in terms of operating convenience, reliability and safety. Representing the
systematic evolution of our Sigma product range, which has proved itself a million times over, the new Sigma X combines its durability and process reliability with an innovative and uniform operating concept coupled with comprehensive connectivity.

Constituting an integral part of our new DULCOnneX range of solutions for digital fluid management, the new motor-driven metering pump features integral PROFIBUS® and CANopen interfaces for connection to process management systems and Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi connection.

The Sigma X therefore enables the simple monitoring, analysis and optimisation of metering processes.

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Product features for digital fluid management


Our products communicate at fieldbus level using CANopen, PROFIBUS® and PROFINET or can be connected via DULCOnneX to our web-based fluid management platform.


They are easy to install and start up. Clear, intuitive operation ensures simple parameterisation, calibration and storage.


They adapt automatically to constantly changing operating conditions.


Their design ensures a long service life and high availability.


DULCOnneX - Extended Connectivity

gamma/ X family

Sigma X family

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