Intelligence is gaining in size.

Intelligence is gaining in size.

The new gamma/ XL with Extended Connectivity

The gamma/ XL extends the performance spectrum of ProMinent’s intelligent solenoid metering pump series gamma/ X. The gamma/ XL is as smart, easy to use and has the same long service life as its smaller sister model. With a higher capacity range of 8 to 80 l/h at 25 to 2 bar, the gamma/ XL increases the versatility of the gamma/ X product range and opens numerous new fields of application.


The new gamma/ XL simply contains added value.

Our metering pumps have gained a lot. Both in performance and connectivity.

More intelligence

Like the gamma/ X, the new gamma/ XL is an innovative metering pump with predictive intelligence. Thanks to a controlled solenoid drive with integrated pressure measurement, it detects hydraulic error statuses even at minimal deviations – and immediately adapts its output to the pressure conditions and properties of the medium. This ensures greater safety during commissioning and in the process.

More simplicity

Preselect the mode with the click of a button, use the Click Wheel to adjust settings, confirm with a click - metering with the new gamma/ XL is that simple. The adjustment range is 1:40,000. The capacity can be set directly in l/h or gph. An intuitive and efficient control is virtually pre-programmed.

More reliability

The new gamma/ XL has an almost wear-free solenoid drive, is overload-proof and low-maintenance. Together with an automated venting system and the automated recognition of hydraulic error statuses, this ensures maximum reliability and a long service life, coupled with high efficiency.

More connectivity

The new gamma/ XL is ready for Industry 4.0. Designed as a smart product, it can be connected to ProMinent’s web-based fluid management platform DULCOnneX. You can use this to monitor your metering processes in real time, avoid downtimes and generate fully automated reports.

More versatility

As a standalone pump, or integrated in the overall system, the new gamma/ XL is virtually predestined for any industrial applications and other metering processes. The application options range from the chemical trade and system construction to the food and beverage industry, and from drinking and waste water treatment to the chemical industry and electroplating.

DULCOnneX – Extended Connectivity

Web-based. Connected. Transparent.

An additional highlight of the new gamma/ XL is its extended connectivity. As part of our new DULCOnneX solution for the digital fluid management, the solenoid-driven metering pump includes integrated PROFIBUS and CANopen interfaces for the connection to process control systems. Thus, the gamma/ XL allows you to monitor, analyse and optimise metering processes with ease.

Extended ConnectivityDULCOnneX by ProMinent represents the intelligent solution for digital fluid management. DULCOnneX allows us to connect all the components of a  system, ensuring the optimised interaction of metering pump, controller and sensors. Users benefit from direct access to all information about the equipment and systems installed on site. DULCOnneX, therefore, enables the simple monitoring, analysis and optimisation of processes. The basis for digital fluid management: products with Extended Connectivity.

DULCOnneX products, such as the new Sigma X, boast features that enable digital fluid management. They reduce the consumption of raw materials and help to minimise operating errors and downtimes.

Durable: their construction ensures a long service life and a high level of availability.

Adaptive: they automatically adapt to constantly changing operating conditions.

User-friendly: they are easy to install and start up. Clear, intuitive operation ensures simple parametrisation, calibration and storage.

Network capability: At field bus level they communicate using CANopen, PROFIBUS and PROFINET or can be connected via DULCOnneX to our web-based fluid management platform.

Improved detail, increased performance.

The internal values of the new gamma/ XL

Highly visible status LEDs

The three-level LED status display for operating, warning and error messages, visible from all sides, provides increased operating safety.


High-resolution LCD with back pressure display

The gamma/ XL’s 3” high-resolution LCD clearly Displays important parameters such as the flow volume. The back pressure is measured without a sensor and is also shown on the display at a resolution of 0.5 bar


Reliable controlled solenoid drive

Highly precise controlled solenoid drive for metering liquid media. Its capacity range extends from 8 to 80 l/h at 25 to 2 bar. The solenoid drive allows a slow prestroke and thus a virtually continuous metering of even the smallest volume streams.


Simple operation via Click Wheel

In combination with the large LCD and 4 buttons, the Click Wheel enables intuitive operation and programming. The capacity is stored in the memory every 10 minutes over the past 4 weeks. Editable via the Display.


Maximum efficiency

The refined electronics allow a precise control. The pressure detection without wetted parts ensures maximum operational safety. Hydraulic error statuses can be detected. In addition, pressure fluctuations in the system will be detected and compensated, ensuring a high dosing precision.


New socket for 3 configurable I/Os

As an input for triggering timer programmes and for the switchover to preset capacities. As an output for error messages and warnings; assigned to the timer for the switching of external devices such as stirrer or solenoid valves.


Optional radio connection

Optional radio Connection The gamma/ XL comes with an optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection for the simple configuration of parameters and call-up of process data.

Continuous level measurement

The new, continuous suction lance allows levels to be monitored with precision of up to 5%.

DULCOnneX – Extended Connectivity

integrated PROFIBUS and CANopen interfaces enabling connection to process control systems.


Video gamma/ X family

The gamma/ XL extends the performance spectrum of ProMinent’s intelligent solenoid metering pump series gamma/ X.

the gamma/ X Family

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