Never let your tank run dry again!

Never let your tank run dry again!

DULCOLEVEL radar sensor and gamma/ X solenoid pump make chemical level management simple, safe and efficient.


Device control via DULCONNEX Blue App



Simple operation

…through a clear and intuitive dashboard: All ProMinent Bluetooth-enabled devices are available at a glance – that means no more time spent looking at them all individually.

…through convenient and intuitive pump operation via app: Save time by operating pumps even in hard-to-reach installation environments, reliable remote control of supported ProMinent products and the transparent display of all parameters.

…through simpler networking of individual components: Complex installations are eliminated through a simple “plug and play” connection.

More security

…through wireless communication between app and device: live monitoring of device status and performance data is now possible from a safe distance. This means that safety equipment is no longer required for every check.

More efficiency

… through a variety of pump configuration options: The settings of a pump can be viewed and saved via DULCONNEX Blue, transferred to another pump and restored in an emergency.

…through wireless software updates: Without additional accessories such as cables, adapters or USB sticks, updates can be carried out with just one click.

…through a comprehensive logbook: The logbook can be generated and downloaded simply at the touch of a button. The documentation is written in plain text and can also be filtered according to events and alarms.

Practical example: More efficient service processes thanks to remote access to all pump data

As a service provider, SUEZ WTS France is responsible for the operation, maintenance and servicing of all types of plants, including evaporative cooling plants. In this case, SUEZ not only takes care of the technical equipment and maintenance of the plant, but… read more


Continuous level measurement

Continuous level measurement

Continuous level monitoring guarantees increased process reliability. By collecting and transparently displaying data, process control systems can view fill levels at any time and refill chemical containers.

In addition, modern radar technology enables a more reliable measurement of the tank content. The sensor is mounted outside the closed container, reducing contact with the chemical to a minimum. This not only increases safety for the user but also reduces wear on individual components.

Diverse communication interfaces

Diverse communication interfaces

Everything from a single source – a variety of communication interfaces allow maximum flexibility and fast integration.

Bluetooth communication: Easy networking with other ProMinent products.

Analogue output 0/4-20 mA: Enables the classic connection to process control systems.

Fieldbus connection: Data transfer via solenoid diaphragm metering pump gamma/ X to process control systems.

NFC interface: Enables level viewing via smartphone.

Configuration and commissioning via app

Configuration and commissioning via app

Thanks to the intuitive DULCONNEX Blue app interface, every DULCOLEVEL sensor from ProMinent can be commissioned quickly and easily. Plus tank configurations, such as shape and volume, can be stored and linked to the associated metering pump, including the gamma/ X. This reduces time-consuming set-up processes and simplifies handling – letting you simply plug & play.

50% discount on level sensor DULCOLEVEL

50% discount on level sensor DULCOLEVEL

Never let your tank run dry again!

If you purchase the solenoid-driven metering pump, gamma/ X, up until 31.12.2024, you have the option to also secure the NEW DULCOLEVEL at half the list price.*