The future is so simple to operate.

The future is so simple to operate.

The new Sigma X with graphic Display and Extended Connectivity

ProMinent’s new Sigma X range provides smart and flexible motor-driven metering pumps that set new benchmarks in terms of operating convenience, reliability and safety. Representing the systematic evolution of our Sigma product range, which has proved itself a million times over, the new Sigma X combines its durability and process reliability with an innovative and uniform  operating concept coupled with comprehensive connectivity.


As reliable and flexible as before, as convenient and versatile as never before

Excellent operating convenience

The standard operating concept with click wheel and 4 additional operating keys on a  removable operating unit represents a veritable highlight of the new Sigma X. A large  illuminated LCD and an LED display for various operating statuses provide additional  operating convenience. The timer, integrated as standard, controls timedependent metering processes. Relevant spare parts are shown on the display.

Outstanding process reliability

The Sigma X represents a durable motor-driven metering pump with integral control and  patented multi-layer safety diaphragm, standing out on account of its excellent process  reliability. An integrated relief valve protects the pump from overload and its bleed option  guarantees reliable operation throughout the metering process.

Optimum metering results

The new Sigma X delivers optimum metering results, thanks to its adjustable metering  profiles. The combination of frequency and stroke length adjustment permits a large  adjustment range, with the pump working with excellent precision over the entire frequency  range. Adjustment of the movement profile also guarantees precise and trouble-free  metering even with viscous and gaseous media.

Greater connectivity

The new Sigma X is ready for Industry 4.0. It can be connected to process management systems via the integral PROFIBUS® and CANopen interface. Operating statuses are  transferred remotely with ease via an additional output/relay module.

Versatile applications

The S1Cb, S2Cb and S3Cb versions allow the new Sigma X to cover a wide capacity range  of 21 to 1,040 l/h, enabling them to be flexibly used in many different applications. Possible  applications range from chemical metering, potable water and waste water treatment,  disinfectant metering in cooling circuits to uses in the paper industry, plastics manufacturing and the textile industry.


It’s got everything that makes a powerful pump even more advanced.

Reliable and durable motorised drive

Durable, precise motorised drive for the metering of liquid media from 21 to 1,040 l/h at a back pressure of 16 to 4 bar provided by versions S1Cb, S2Cb and S3Cb


Simple operation coupled with maximum convenience

Intuitive operating concept with click Wheel and 4 additional operating keys on a removable operating unit with the Sigma X control type.


Status LEDs visible from afar

The three-stage LED status display for operating, warning and error messages, visible from all sides, enhances operating safety.


Illuminated LCD

The large high-resolution LCD clearly displays key Parameters.


DULCOnneX Extended Connectivity

The Sigma X can be connected to the web-based DULCOnneX platform via CANopen and the DULCOnneX gateway.

DULCOnneX – Extended Connectivity

Web-based. Connected. Transparent.

DULCOnneX by ProMinent represents the intelligent solution for digital fluid management. DULCOnneX allows us to connect all the components of a system, ensuring the optimised interaction of metering pump, controller and sensors. Users benefit from direct access to all information about the equipment and systems installed on site. DULCOnneX, therefore, enables the simple monitoring, analysis, and optimisation of processes. The basis for digital fluid management: products with Extended Connectivity.



DULCOnneX products, such as the new Sigma X, boast features that enable digital fluid management. They reduce the consumption of raw materials and help to minimise operating errors and downtimes.

Durable: their construction ensures a long service life and a high level of availability.

Adaptive: they automatically adapt to constantly changing operating conditions.

User-friendly: they are easy to install and startup. Clear, intuitive operation ensures simple parametrisation, calibration, and storage.

Network capability: At field bus level they communicate using CANopen, PROFIBUS® and PROFINET or can be connected via DULCOnneX to our web-based fluid management platform.

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