DULCOnneX - Extended Connectivity


11 – 15  June 2018, Frankfurt am Main

Hall 8, Stand J94

Between 11-15 June 2018, Frankfurt will host ACHEMA, the world’s leading trade fair for the process industry.

As a solution provider for multiple sectors, ProMinent will be there showcasing its smart solutions for digital fluid management. Come and discover both our new and tried-and-tested systems and we’ll help you create an individual, sustainable solution. Our experts will be delighted to meet you.

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Star of the show

ProMinent presents DULCOnneX Extended Connectivity

Make your systems smart!

Make your systems smart!

DULCOnneX Extended Connectivity

The amount of data generated by sensors and pumps is likely to increase dramatically in the years ahead. A wide range of information needs to be recorded, made available and used efficiently in process control. This means you need data-based operating models, which require a high degree of mobility and transparency.

DULCOnneX is a complete solution that allows you to gather the relevant data and make it available where it’s needed. Internal data is linked with external data and used to optimise operational and operating processes.

Users benefit from direct access to all information about the devices and systems installed on site. The solution is based on robustly networked, adaptive products that adjust automatically to changing operating conditions.


DULCOnneX – Products

DULCOnneX products come with a range of features that are designed to allow digital fluid management. They reduce consumption of raw materials and help to minimise operating errors and downtimes.

Solenoid-driven Metering Pump
gamma/ X with DULCOnnect® module

Motor-Driven Metering Pump
Sigma X (controller type)

Remote monitoring module
DULCOnnect® for connection to the CAN interface

Measuring and Control System

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Moderated product presentations

Moderated product presentations

Throughout the day we will be running moderated live presentations on

  • AEGIS II – Flexibility and efficiency in cooling water treatment
  • DULCOnneX – Smart metering technology for the future
  • Motion without limits – Innovative drive technology for high-pressure diaphragm metering pumps

In these presentations we will explain the benefits of our products in both German and English. Don’t miss the chance to see one of these live Demos!

Stunning virtual reality tours

Stunning virtual reality tours

Get close to real-life examples of energy generation and chemical process applications with our fascinating virtual reality tours.

Your chance to win - A prize every day

Your chance to win - A prize every day

Everyone who visits our stand and leaves a business card in the box will be entered into a draw to win a high-quality VR Headset.

ProMinent products at ACHEMA

Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X

The gamma/ X is the first metering pump to feature predictive intelligence. Thanks to a controlled solenoid drive with sensorless pressure measurement, it detects hydraulic error statuses even at minimal deviations – and immediately adapts its output to the pressure conditions and properties of the medium. As a DULCOnneX product, it also comes with special features designed to enable digital fluid management. These reduce consumption of raw materials and help to minimise operating errors and downtimes.


Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump gamma/ XL

The gamma/ XL is a smart, connectible solenoid-driven metering pump that sets new standards in terms of productivity, reliability and cost-effectivenessAs an extension to the proven gamma/ x, it has a capacity range of 8 – 80 l/h at 25 – 2 bar and can be networked with all systems, devices and platforms.

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps Orlita® Evolution

The Orlita® Evolution product family meets the most exacting safety requirements as an extremely robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pump. It stands out thanks to its PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with integral diaphragm rupture warning system and unique diaphragm position Control.


Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma X

A robust motor-driven metering pump with patented multi-layer safety diaphragm. Its integrated overload shut-down protects the pump. Removable operating unit, adjustable metering profiles and a variety of power end and control configurations enable the versatile use of this pump.


Metering System DULCODOS® universal DSUa mini

The metering system for safe and precise metering with all the key components and a very compact design. A spray guard ensures that the metering system operates safely.

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump Hydro/ 4

The Hydro/ 4 is an extremely robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, which meets the most exacting safety requirements – it is equipped as standard with a pressure relief valve and PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with diaphragm rupture warning system. Its modular construction makes it extremely versatile.


Product features for digital fluid management

Network capability

At fieldbus level our products communicate using CANopen, PROFIBUS and PROFINET or can be connected via DULCOnnect® to our web-based fluid management platform.


They are easy to install and start up. Clear, intuitive operation ensures simple parameterisation, calibration and storage.


They adapt automatically to constantly changing operating conditions.


Their construction ensures a long service life and high availability.

Out of conviction

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